Australia-wide Living with LAM Study

Registered Nurse Denise Haylen is interviewing women living with LAM in various parts of Australia. The interviews are central to a PhD study through the University of Sydney’s School of Nursing.


Denise Haylen (centre) lunches with women living with LAM: L-R: Marica El-Zarif, Janet Neustein, Mary Canniffe and Kristy Hope.

The study has been approved by the Human Research and Ethics Committees of the University of Sydney and of St Vincent’s Hospital, where Denise Haylen works part time in the Cardiothoracic Unit.

She notes that while there is a large amount of medical literature on LAM, there are no detailed studies investigating women’s experiences of living with this condition.  The aim of the study is to present women’s own perspectives including their needs and priorities.   By increasing knowledge and awareness of LAM, she hopes to improve support for women with LAM.