LAM Australia presents $50k cheque for ongoing research to the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

On 05 February 2015, LAM Australia President, Janet Neustein presented a cheque for $50,000 for ongoing LAM research to Brian Oliver, Head of the Molecular Pathogenesis Group, Respiratory Cellular and Molecular Biology at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research. This includes $33,000 donated by the Roth Charitable Foundation. Watching the presentation is LAM Australia Treasurer, Michael Neustein.

donation for LAM research


Dr Oliver comments: “The fight against LAM is difficult, but the important thing is that LAM has a community of committed researchers who are doing their best to discover new ways to diagnose, manage and help people with LAM. I can’t say that the next big breakthrough is just around the corner. It may well be, but ethically and morally it would be wrong for me to say this. A big breakthrough might occur, but generally research is like LEGO, each lab puts one or two bricks in the wall and together the eureka moment happens”.

Enzyme presents drug target to rare lung disease

An enzyme called Src kinase may provide a new way to attack lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), a rare lung disease that appears only in women either alone or in association with a genetic disorder known as tuberous sclerosis, said researchers from Baylor College of Medicine in a report that appears in the journal Cancer Research.

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Progress in LAM research

Totally funded by LARA, Dr Patrick Ho Yin Ng completed his PhD researching Cellular Characteristics of Lymphangioleiomyomatosis at Sydney’s Woolcock Institute of Medical Research in December 2013   Continue reading…

Stunning Breakthrough from TSC and LAM Research!

LAM Foundation-funded scientists, Dr Issam Ben-Sahra and Dr Brendan Manning, have reported in the journal, Science that mTOR, the cellular growth switch that is stuck in the ‘on’ position in LAM, also directly controls the synthesis of nucleotides, the building blocks for RNA and DNA. Continue reading…