Erin Dasczyk’s Story

LYMPHANGIOLEIOMYOMATOSIS 24 letters that changed my life!Erin Dasczyk (aged 26)

As some of you know, I have recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness called Lymphangioleiomyomatosis. Otherwise known as LAM, it affects only women, usually in the prime of their life. It was pretty shocking news considering everything seemed to be going so perfectly. I had just bought a house with Rodgie and together with my beautiful dog, Bonnie, started a business. I am also working for the government. Naturally, I started ‘googling’ and have learnt a lot more about the disease. Ultimately I will require a double lung transplant. However, even with the transplant there is no cure for the disease.

Strangely, enough I do not feel angry, sorry for myself or sad that this has happened, I’m a lot more excited to LIVE and now really appreciate that I am still alive and realised just how much my friends really love me! :) In October 2011 I had a major operation to remove a large tumour in my stomach and was also filmed for the TV series RPA, which will be aired next year.

Last Thursday, I was lucky enough to attend the AGM of LARA, and have now become a committee member. I am focused on doing all I can to support the work of the organisation, which raises money for research into LAM and supports women like me with the disease. LARA is also working to educate doctors about LAM as so many women are misdiagnosed – sometimes for years. At the AGM I was able to meet a few other women with this devastating disease and researchers at the Woolcock Institute who are working to find a cure.

Over the past few years, there has been so many ‘breakthroughs’ in relation to research and I believe they are close to finding a cure, which is why I have set up this page. It’s for all the women out there living with LAM and also dedicated to all the women who sadly lost the fight. If you feel like supporting this organisation to help them find a cure and help people like me to survive, please donate. Every donation is much appreciated and I thank you all in advance from the bottom of my heart, Erin xxx