Other fundraising initiatives

Many individual fundraising efforts are currently helping to fund research TO FUND A CURE FOR LAM in Australia.

A Brisbane woman is producing craft items and selling them to raise money for LAM research.

In 2012 a Yogathon for LAM called for participants to Salute the Sun and sponsors and donors to support the event.

By selling Entertainment Books, LAM Australia receives 20% of the cover price – a way of fundraising that has multiple benefits.  In 2014 sales in Western Australia have raised over $900 for LAM research.

Every stroke taken by  Lillian Longford helped raise hundreds of dollars for LAM research.  Swimming for her sister, who has LAM, Lillian participated in the 2nd annual Sun-Herald Surf Swim, a 1.5km ocean swim, at Dee Why Beach in March, 2012 .

The family of a woman diagnosed with LAM 21 years ago, invited friends and family members to pay for the privilege of attending their Xmas party. And then asked them to donate to LAM Australia’s Research Fund in lieu of buying Xmas presents.

Everyday Hero provides a site on which donors can support an individual or a cause.  Erin Dasczyk raised $6000 and Penny McKee is now aiming to raise a few more thousand dollars for LAM research.

At an Aussie Masters Swimming Carnival held at Port Macquarie on 05 November, her swim mates sponsored Penny McKee in: 50m backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle, 100m freestyle and the 50m women’s freestyle relay. Penny comments, “It was great fun! My friends were all very interested and supportive of the fundraising. Now they know about LAM,  they are keen to do more. It is good aligning LAM to swimming because of the breathing involved!”

For the past few years a grandmother has donated to LAM Australia on behalf of her many grandchildren and to tell them why she had chosen a worthy cause to receive a gift at Christmas time.

If you want to help us fund research, we are happy to offer assistance with your campaign. Just email admin@lamaustralia.org.au.

Lilian Longford