Despite predictions of rain, the skies were clear for the large group of adults and children who walked in Centennial Parklands on Worldwide LAM Awareness Day, Sunday 01 June.

Supporting the event were celebrity actors, Marta Dusseldorp and Ben Winspear, who walked with their children.

The walk was organised by the President of LAM Australasia Research Alliance and Eastern Suburbs resident, Janet Neustein.

Its purpose was to raise funds for research and to raise awareness of lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM).

A rare, destructive lung disease, LAM affects about 8 women in a million worldwide (plus the odd man).

Resulting from a single cell mutation, LAM typically strikes when women are in the childbearing years and spreads through the lymphatic system

Special guest for the event was LARA’s Patron, author and health and relationships guru, Dr Linda Friedland, who flew in from Perth for the walk.

Money raised totals over $13,000 so far.  It will assist the centre for LAM research at Sydney’s Woolcock Institute of Medical Research.  Scientists are investigating biomarkers, lymphangiogenesis, and other mysteries of lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM).

Speaking after the walk, Dr Friedland explained that the study of rare diseases is the key to wider understanding of disease processes.  “Because they result from a single cell mutation, rare diseases can be examined more readily than multi-factorial diseases like cardio-vascular illness,” she said.

Apart from funding research, the STEPPING OUT FOR LAM RESEARCH campaign has alerted many people to lymphangioleiomyomatosis.

To find out more about LAM or donate to LAM research, see

Participants in STEPPING OUT FOR LAM RESEARCH wearing the LARA Tshirt which states: Research Gives Hope to Women Living with LAM.



Michael Neustein
Jordan Soriot
Christopher Argent
Stacey McMasters
Rouzbeh Loghmani
Janet Neustein (President, LARA)
Alex Walter
Linda Friedland (Patron, LARA)
Miri Sonnabend
Esther Nothman
Kristy Hope