Stunning Breakthrough from TSC and LAM Research!

LAM Foundation-funded scientists, Dr Issam Ben-Sahra and Dr Brendan Manning, have reported in the journal, Science that mTOR, the cellular growth switch that is stuck in the ‘on’ position in LAM, also directly controls the synthesis of nucleotides, the building blocks for RNA and DNA.

This newly-discovered mTOR function explains how cells are able to create the additional genetic material required for cellular replication and tumor growth (see figure below). This finding joins the ranks of ‘classic principles in biology’, one of several that have emerged from the study of TSC and LAM, and will suggest new targets for the treatment of LAM, TSC, and other neoplastic and cancerous processes.

The LAM Foundation congratulates Drs. Ben-Sahra and Manning for this remarkable discovery. This work was funded in part by a LAM Foundation Fellowship Award to Dr. Ben-Sahra. Dr. Manning is a member of The LAM Foundation Scientific Board.



Click here for more information on this important discovery.

Click here to read “Stimulation of de Novo Pyrimidine Synthesis by Growth Signaling Through mTOR and S6K1″ in Science Express.