About Us

The mission of LAM Australia Research Alliance is to improve the health prospects of women living with lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) .

LAM Australia’s goals are to: fund research to accelerate the discovery of better diagnostic techniques, tailored treatments, and ultimately, a cure for LAM; improve doctors and allied health professionals’ knowledge of LAM; and support women living with LAM.


Membership of LAM Australia is open to women living with LAM, their friends and family, and anyone with an interest in LAM and the work of LAM Australia Research Alliance. Join us here › 

Founded in 2006, LAM Australia Research Alliance Inc is a registered not-for-profit charity.   Our volunteer workforce is supported by the expertise of generous professionals who provide their services free of charge for auditing, legal advice, graphic design and website design.  Patron Dr Linda Friedland is a Perth-based doctor, author, media personality, health and well-being expert.  Since becoming Patron in August 2013, Dr Friedland has met with LAM researchers at Sydney’s Woolcock Institute of Medical Research to deepen her understanding of LAM in all its complexities. Her speech to participants in Sydney’s Worldwide LAM Awareness Day Walk in Centennial Park on 01 June 2014 was inspirational.

In December 2014 we added the 100th woman living with LAM to the LAM Australia database. Since then, more women have been diagnosed with LAM. Others may prefer to remain unidentified, or more likely, have yet to be diagnosed correctly. However, LAM remains very rare. Current estimates are that only eight women in a million are living with LAM worldwide. As knowledge of the disease and diagnosis methods improve, this ratio may increase. If we can improve rates of diagnosis and more cases are identified, vital research and clinical trials will get a boost.


LAM Australia Research Alliance has a Medical and scientific advisors who guide funding initiatives: Assoc Prof Brian Oliver, Dr Sukhwinder Sohal, Prof Allan Glanville and Prof David Sonnabend, have provided valuable advice to the committee.


LAM Australia office bearers include the President Louise Lloyd with Vice President Corrine Tye-Lim, Treasurer Assoc Prof Brian Oliver and Secretary Michael Neustein.

Supporting committee members:
Penny McKee
Dr Sukhwinder Sohal
Kate Wingrave
Pat Evans